Who I Am

Owner Damon Rust

That's right I own a Model X! Just kidding but that would be awesome, hit me up Elon. Anyways, my name is Damon and I am 17 and enjoy creating things with my 3d printers and electronics skills. I created Daily3dPrinting in 2017 and have been growing my business ever since then. My passions include 3d design and manufacturing which is what I based my company around. I have been making things for friends and family since I got my first hot glue gun and since then have grown to make things for customers all across the country. I have made things like waterfall shower heads for a customer in Puerto Rico all the way to custom mold models and signs. I enjoy solving problems and helping create prototypes and final products for customers, so if you have a idea and need help bringing it into reality let me know!